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The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE) provides young science and engineering students with career-focused professional internships abroad and employers with highly skilled, highly motivated trainees for their projects.

With over 80 countries involved and over 4000 traineeships exchanged every year, it’s the largest organisation of its kind in the world. Read more on https://iaeste.org

What is CER?

IAESTE Central European Region (IAESTE CER) is a regional initiative, focused on development of IAESTE on regional level, with support from countries and CER Management Team. It was established in 2012 to further connect voluntary, student-run IAESTE member countries in Central Europe. Currently, IAESTE CER consists of 9 Full and 2 Associate member countries. With over 50 LCs and 1500 students, it continues to make people’s dream come true.

What is CoRe?

The Connect Region is the second European regional initiative. Started to improve communication between countries, it grew to connecting most of Western Europe and lately, Malta as well. The Connect Region’s most known signature event is the Conect Conference, which people all over the world attend. CoRe has 6 full and 1 guest member country,

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Member Countries
50 +
Local Committees
1000 +
1500 +
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