It all started in Tuheljske Toplice in Croatia. In 1998, neighbouring countries in Central Europe decided to meet up there to share knowledge about how to best run IAESTE. This very first Central European Convention was a success, and sparked a movement out of which the Central European Region was founded in 2012 at the meeting of national secretaries in Vienna, Austria.

The countries that participated in founding of IAESTE Central European Region are the following IAESTE member countries: Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Since its creation, IAESTE Central European Region has not only expanded, but helped personal development of its IAESTE members in many ways. Today it continues to be a proof that IAESTE does not only offer work experience, but also opportunities to improve personal skills and development. Members can participate and get involved in international projects and events, and most importantly build and maintain friendships with people from all around the world.


What does being in CER bring you?


  • working and cooperating together with other CER member countries
  • opportunity to improve IAESTE in your country by seeing how IAESTE works in other countries
  • chance to promote your national events in other member countries
  • chance to cooperate on many international projects
  • chance to meet with other IAESTE countries in one of our working groups


  • international network
  • getting experience on international level
  • working on international projects
  • improving your communication skills by attending meetings with people from different countries
  • improving your leadership skills by leading workshops, meetings etc.
  • promoting, improving and supporting the IAESTE internship exchange program and other national/international IAESTE projects

CER Guidelines