IAESTE CaseWeek is an innovative project implementing a workshops in the case study form. This is a great opportunity to get closer between students and employers.


CaseWeek is the largest and fastest growing case-study based workshops in Poland. This project is created by the IAESTE Polska, during which students can face practical problems encountered on a daily basis in industry, IT sector, or even in medicine. Taking part in the so-called. „Case study”, during a series of workshops organized by employers from the region. The main purpose of the CaseWeek event is to enrich the creativity and competence of students. It is also a great opportunity to give them chances to contact with the trader and knowing companies policies.

The best students have a chance for an internship, practice and even work in a prestigious company. Benefits in participation are also achieved by the employer such as cognition of academia and many others.

The IAESTE CaseWeek program cooperates with such companies as Samsung, Mitsubishi, Microsoft, Siemens, Whirlpool, B&R, Fujitsu, Coca-Cola, Unilever and a lot of others companies out of sight!

Why should you take a part in?

  • Participate in the event is completely free.
  • A chance to make contact with a company.
  • The workshops are certificated.
  • A chance of getting an internship.
  • Enriching your CV.
  • Expanding knowledge in the profession.

Visit us here: https://caseweek.iaeste.pl/