Munich Weekend 2018

Another MüWo has passed and it has been just as awesome as all the previous years, if not even better! The Munich Weekend is Germany’s biggest summer reception weekend and one of the biggest in general. This year we were proud to host at least 160 people from FOURTY EIGHT countries! Isn’t this what we all love about IAESTE?

Participants of Munich Weekend 2018

Organizing MüWo was quite a big and challenging task. You don’t think renting nice looking portable toilets can be that hard, but it is! Being so many people, things can get complicated sometimes, but seeing all the happy faces at the end of the weekend, you know it was totally worth it!

And why did we need a toilet container in the first place? Because we were CAMPING. We had huge tents with beds in the tents. So we were out in the beautiful and welcoming nature. This gave us also the chance to watch the blood moon that special night of 27th of July while sitting around a campfire.

Swimming in as many fountains as possible was one of the city challanges

The participants also visited a few famous sights of Munich

On Saturday during the day we had a city challenge which involved everything from snorkeling in fountains to waxing off a part of your body to drinking, lots of drinking (and yes it was still around noon). After some additional afternoon city tours, we pampered our participants with homemade pizza and then had our own exclusive party. And when you have 160 participants you fill a party room quite easily.

All in all, the Munich Weekend is an experience you don’t simply forget. You meet so many people and explore the beautiful city of Munich and the welcoming culture of Bavaria in a special way. I am very happy to have been part of it and am already looking forward to next year!

Another city challange

Oh and btw… the MüWo is always the last weekend in July, so you can already mark your calendars for 2019 😉

Mariam Elsayed


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